"Just Add Sugar" Cassette Tape


Image of "Just Add Sugar" Cassette Tape

"Just Add Sugar" Cassette Tape

Our first album "Just Add Sugar" released on tape by Wiener Records (Burger Records).

1 - All in
2 - In between the lines
3 - Grown not made
4 - Big mouth
5 - The plan
6 - Neon & pills
7 - Lady grace
8 - Trip the light fantastic
9 - Suicide mission
10 - Mismatch
11 - Every move a picture

>> When you buy our cassette, it includes immediate download of "Just Add Sugar" digital album.

Original Release: May 1st, 2015
Number of Tapes: 1
Format: Cassette
Label: Wiener Records and Farrapo
Run Time: 41 minutes
SKU: FarrapoNTB02

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